Compare the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is Your Best Bet for a Compact SUV in Concord, NC
Compare to the Jeep Cherokee, Kia Sorento & Ford Escape

Ah, the compact SUV, often referred to as a crossover. It's one of the most popular body styles seen out on the road, as these crossovers blend everyday sensibilities with added interior space and family-friendly convenience and safety for all your travels. But we here at our Concord, NC Hyundai dealership serving Kannapolis, Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe and Huntersville have one such crossover that we prefer over all others. Of course we're talking about the new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, and here we're comparing it to the Jeep Cherokee, Kia Sorento and Ford Escape, all in their base model levels.

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Compare Santa Fe Sport to the Jeep Cherokee in Concord, NC

  • Optional features like leather seats and a sunroof for the base level Santa Fe Sport aren't available in the entry level Cherokee.
  • The total interior in the Santa Fe Sport is much larger than the Cherokee, making for easily adjustable cargo storage space, and far more comfortable passenger seating.
  • The Santa Fe Sport earns better overall and overall frontal crash ratings than the Cherokee.

Compare Santa Fe Sport to the Kia Sorento in Concord, NC

  • While you can upgrade to AWD in the base level Santa Fe Sport, the Sorento requires an entire trim level upgrade for AWD.
  • Optional features like leather seats, power driver's seat an a sunroof can easily be added on to your Santa Fe Sport, but, again, you'll have to upgrade to a costlier trim level for those kinds of amenities in the Sorento.
  • When properly equipped, the Santa Fe Sport can tow up to 2,800 pounds, compared to only 2,000 pounds for the Sorento.

Compare Santa Fe Sport to the Ford Escape in Concord, NC

  • Once again, while the Santa Fe Sport comes with an optional AWD setup, the Escape only offers that in more expensive trim levels.
  • The optional leather seats, power driver's seat and sunroof for the Santa Fe Sport aren't offered in the Escape at its base level.
  • The Santa Fe Sport outperforms the Escape by a fairly wide margin, all while earning similar fuel efficiency ratings.