Compare the Hyundai Santa Fe

Your Next Utility Vehicle Option is the Santa Fe in Concord
Compare to the Toyota RAV4, Ford Edge & Chevy Equinox

Comparing the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe to the competition helps you make an informed decision, because while test driving this model, the Toyota RAV4, Ford Edge, and Chevrolet Equinox is practical, it isn't always easy. Read through these quick facts and contact us here at Modern Hyundai of Concord to discuss your options. When it comes to providing our Concord and Charlotte customers with the best service, we have it down to a Modern science.

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Compare Santa Fe to the Toyota RAV4 in Concord, NC

  • Heated seats are available in the Santa Fe, but not in the RAV4.
  • You can fit more people inside the Santa Fe than you can the RAV4, yet they still look to be the same size.
  • For optimum safety the Santa Fe offers the chance to enjoy turn signals on the exterior mirrors, but not in the RAV4.

Compare Santa Fe to the Ford Edge in Concord, NC

  • Price is important, which is why the Santa Fe is a great option over the Edge. You could end up spending more for the Edge than the Santa Fe for similar features.
  • If you want the coverage in the event of a mishap, the Hyundai warranties offer more coverage for miles and months than the Ford model does.
  • If you have gotten out of your vehicle only to discover that you forgot to push the release inside your vehicle for the fuel door, then you will appreciate the Hyundai's remote release.


Compare Santa Fe to the Chevrolet Equinox in Concord, NC

  • Heated front seats is optional in the Santa Fe but not available in the Equinox.
  • Front lumbar support is a standard feature in the Hyundai model, but in Chevrolet's model it is not available.
  • Do you want seating for up to seven people? The Hyundai Santa Fe offers this option while the Equinox only allows for up to five passengers.