Check Engine Lights And What They Mean For Your Hyundai Model

We know that you enjoy taking your Hyundai car or SUV out for a nice drive, but nothing takes the wind out of your sails more than seeing the dreaded check engine light illuminated in your vehicle's dashboard. The positive side is that our team of service professionals know what to do in these cases and we have prepared some information to help you go about your day in confidence, despite that amber or red herring.

What If the Light Is Flashing?

It goes without saying that flashing lights are trying to tell us something and this is no different for your engine. What exactly your vehicle is trying to tell you is best left to our team of Hyundai trained technicians, but knowing what indicates a serious show-stopping problem and which is merely alerting you to a minor issue is key. Here are some things to consider:

Make an Inquiry

  • Color is important, because flashing red lights are typically a sign that you must pull over when it is safe to do so and contact our team immediately
  • Have you checked your engine oil level recently?
  • Do you have enough coolant?
  • Is your vehicle acting funny, smell bad, or making strange noises?

Contact us immediately for any flashing lights, but we also recommend taking the initiative to get to know your vehicle's specific warning lights available in the manual.

What If the Light Is Not Flashing?

In the event that a red or amber light is not flashing, typically that is telling you that something is loose, open, or ready to be serviced. Checking your maintenance records can tell you if you need to schedule an appointment for any routine service. Important things to consider if a light is not flashing include:

  • Is it time for an oil change? Brake service?
  • Is there a hood, trunk, or door ajar?
  • Do you need gas, or did you recently fill up and forget to replace or tighten the gas cap?

Contact our team of Hyundai specialists here at Modern Hyundai of Concord for any concerns and let us know what strange lights are flashing or appearing for you. It may seem like our Concord and Charlotte customers are being taken over by aliens when these lights appear, but we assure you that together we can get through this. Call or visit with any questions or concerns and discover the Modern difference.